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Water soluble silver Cleaner safely removes tarnish from silver without etching silver metal.


  • Fast — quickly cleans silver surface
  • Mild — does not etch base silver metal and does not contain polishing material
  • Safe — non-toxic
  • Compatible with NOTAR Ag-series (anti-tarnish agents for silver)


  • Bath Preparation: The product comes in two packages labeled A and B. Mix equal weight from the two packages to make up clear working fluid.
  • Operating Temperature: 25°~30°C (No extra heating is necessary).
  • Treatment: Dip the part into the working fluid and observe silver color and brightness recovering. Then remove from the fluid.
  • Rinse: Rinse the part thoroughly in running water and blow it dry.
  • Post-treatment: Applying NOTAR Ag-series anti-tarnish agents will effectively preserve the shiny surface.


  • The product will start to show color while it is recovering the silver or is shelved for and extend period. Coloring of the product indicates the exhaustion of the recovering power, and it is recommended to replace with a new bath.
  • Before any recovering process, please do not mix the A and B packages. Doing so will shorten the shelf life.
  • Do not mix the new bath with the old one.
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