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NOTAR Sn-1000

Water soluble anti-tarnish agent for protecting the surface of tin.
Superb replacement of conventional phosphating process products.


  • Protects tin metal surface from tarnishing or discoloration caused by oxidation.
  • Widely used in various tin products that are produced by continuous processes.
  • Grants the surface of a tin metal object with a glossy appearance as well as superb water-repellent property.
  • Offers excellent corrosion-resisting and anti-tarnishing properties.
  • Assures good welding properties as well as stable electrical resistance


  • Concentration: normally one part Notar Sn-1000 in 8~12 parts water by volume and can be adjusted to the optimal concentration according to the actual condition. D.I. (deionized) water is highly recommended for the optimal performance.
  • Temperature: 25°~30°C
  • Process: dip the part in the bath for 3~30 seconds before blowing it dry


  • Should be sealed and stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
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