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NOTAR Cu-020

Anti-tarnish agent for copper metal and copper alloy surfaces


  • NOTAR Cu-020 is a very effective formulation that prevents any sort of corrosion caused by free copper ions and polluting environmental factors.
  • In practical use, one part of NOTAR Cu-020 in 500 parts of deionized water is sufficient for the anti-tarnishing purpose.
  • NOTAR Cu-020 is soluble in all proportions with water. Its water solution achieves excellent anti-tarnishing effect in very short dipping time.
  • The protection film exerted by NOTAR Cu-020 does not cause detrimental effect on the following processes.
  • NOTAR Cu-020 is a cationic product that may interact with anionic material, such as copper wiredrawing coolants that compromises the performance of working solution.
  • NOTAR Cu-020 exerts the highest performance around pH 7. Its performance decreases rapidly with decreasing pH value. It is a must to remove the remaining acidic material from the working piece before applying NOTAR Cu-020 by thorough rinsing.


  • Depending on actual situations, we recommend dissolving one part of NOTAR Cu-020 in 400 to 800 parts of deionized water.
  • Appropriate concentration of NOTAR Cu-020 needs to be maintained during the whole process.


  1. Q: Why should I use PhilChem product NOTAR Cu-020?
    A: NOTAR Cu-020 is an innovative product developed by PhilChem's advanced R&D team. It offers copper surface much longer protection from tarnishing. If a copper product, after a long expensive manufacturing process, unfortunately turns dark at the end, it can only be sold by weight like recycled materials. From this point of view, NOTAR Cu-020 will be well paid off by preventing loss in copper product manufacturing process. Furthermore, usually the copper price fluctuates so violently that the sway makes the cost incurred by NOTAR Cu-020 negligible.
  2. Q: If a copper product has been processed by NOTAR Cu-020, how long can it last without tarnishing?
    A: Copper tarnishing depends on several factors, which include temperature, humidity, air quality, etc. Due to this fact, no one can predict the absolute duration of protection. However, it can be proved relatively that, under the same condition, NOTAR Cu-020 offers much longer protection than other products.
  3. Q: Why are there cheaper anti-tarnishing agents all over the market?
    A: Most of the anti-tarnishing agents in the market use traditional active ingredients, which have several shortcomings: banned by SONY, leaves powder residue, and has limited performance. Many such products are ready-to-use. In other words, they are diluted. On the contrary, NOTAR Cu-020 is always sold in concentrated form. Customers can have a peace of mind that they always get the original concentrate from PhilChem or its distributors. Besides, the customer has the freedom to adjust the dilution rate that best fits their production criteria and environmental alteration.
  4. Q: We are a copper wire drawing company. How to incorporate NOTAR Cu-020 into our existing process?
    A: PhilChem recommends the illustrated simple setup for the addition of the NOTAR Cu-020 anti-tarnish station into the existing process.
  5. Q: How much NOTAR Cu-020 will I consume per month?
    A: To figure out the rate of usage, one must first understand how the active ingredients in NOTAR Cu-020 are consumed. These ingredients are carried by water onto the copper surface to provide anti-tarnishing protection, and this rate usually depends on the production rate; they can also be consumed by the grease and debris introduced by the copper surface. These two major ways of consumption always happen at different rates from customers to customers, depending on their production processes. Therefore, the rate of usage has to be calculated by the customers based on their conditions.
  6. Q: Is it a must to dilute NOTAR Cu-020 with DI (deionized) water´╝č
    A: To dilute NOTAR Cu-020, a customer may choose to add DI water, tap water, or groundwater. PhilChem recommends using DI water merely to achieve the ultimate performance one can get out of NOTAR Cu-020. It doesn't mean that one must use DI water. An interesting analogy follows. Medical doctors often recommend not taking medications with juice or milk instead of water. Juice and milk will not do much harm; water is just better.
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