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NOTAR Ag-1090

Water soluble extra-strength anti-tarnish agent for silver


NOTAR Ag-1090 is a post-treatment anti-tarnish agent for silver metal. It forms a thin transparent protective layer on top of the silver surface to effectively slow down tarnishing. As a result, the original appearance of the silver metal will be preserved for a prolonged period.


  • Wide range of applications – suitable for electrical products and all kinds of decorative applications.
  • Eco-friendly – highly soluble in water and free from CFSs, CHCs, HCs and chromium.
  • Simple to use – immersion suitable for high-speed continuous process
  • Low friction – good sliding properties
  • Surface properties preserved – contact resistance, solderability, bondability
  • Invisible – silver appearance remains.
  • Effective – passes most sulfide corrosion tests.


  • Preparation of aqueous solution
    1. Concentrate – warm up NOTAR Ag-1090 concentrate to 30~40°C (recommended in water bath), and keep stirring until it appears uniformly transparent.
    2. Aqueous solution – add 1% (0.2%~5%) concentrate in warm water around 50~60°C.
  • Preparation of the work piece
    1. Cleaning – make sure the silver surface is free of grease and oxidation layer. dGRIS BA-20 from PhilChem is an excellent degreasing agent. Tacklean 8000 from PhilChem is a safe neutral oxide remover.
    2. Rinse in water
  • Anti-tarnishing process
    1. Immersion
      1. Temperature – keep the solution around 45°C~60°C
      2. Time of immersion –
        • 30s (10s~120s) for barrel/rack
        • 5s (2s~10s) for reel-to-reel
      3. Agitation – slow agitation promotes performance
      4. Filtration – not recommended
    2. Cold rinse – in static deionized water at room temperature
    3. Warm rinse – in flowing deionized water at 60°C
    4. Dry – blow off with warm air up to max. 120°C
  • Remarks
    • The dilution rate of the aqueous solution of NOTAR Ag-1090 can be adjusted by the customer; usually the lower the dilution rate, the better the protection.
    • The dipping time can also be adjusted; the longer the dipping time, the better the protection.


  • Should be sealed and stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
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