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Removes dust on tin-plated wire during stranding and reeling; also prevents tin surface from tarnishing.


During the hot-tin plating process, there often forms tin dust on the wire surface due to various factors including flux, tin-bath temperature, dies, etc. Tin dust accumulating at the bunching and stranding dies causes wire breakage and seriously affects product quality. Nodust Fluid reduces metal debris, provides lubrication, prevent wires from quick oxidation, and dramatically improves product quality.


  • Can be applied on tin-plated wires or bare copper wires.
  • Prevents wires from quickly oxidizing.
  • Great lubrication.
  • Reduces metal debris (dust).
  • Prevents wire breakage during bunching or stranding.
  • High boiling point — Prevents bubble formation during the high-temperature insulating process. Bubbles wrapped under insulation can speed up wire oxidation.
  • Non-toxic.


  • Chemical contents — Mixture of non-ionic synthetic esters.
  • Solid content — above 99%.
  • Appearance (10°C/50°F) — Yellowish transparent liquid.
  • Viscosity (25°C/77°F) — 280 cPs.
  • Specific gravity (25°C/77°F) — 0.94.
  • Boiling point — 320°C/608°F.


  • Concentration: Use as is. No dilution is needed.
  • Operating Temperature: 25°~30°C (77°~86°F).
  • Application:
    • Use clean clothe wrapping around the wire to moisten the wire surface with NODUST Fluid.
    • Slowly drip NODUST Fluid onto clothe to keep it moist.
    • Replace clohe as needed to keep it clean.
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