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Flux N-771

Environmental friendly flux for hot tin dip plated copper wires


  • Best for continuous hot tin dip plating process.
  • Activate copper surface to achieve great flatness.
  • Stable tin bath surface, no hydrogen embrittlement, and very little dross.
  • Uniform tin thickness and great bonding with copper base.
  • Little smoke, no odor, noncorrosive, environmental-friendly, and almost no residue


  • Suitable for hot tin plating process on any size of copper wires.
  • Suitable for electronic production line where high quality is required.
  • Suitable for processes where low pollution and noncorrosive property are required.


  • Use water (D.I. water recommended) to dilute up to 20% depending on the situation onsite.
  • Running wire through AC-15 pre-treatment agent and water bath before flux will optimize the tinning quality.
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