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Flux N-743

Environmental friendly flux for hot tin dip plated copper wires


  • Best for continuous hot tin dip plating process.
  • Activate copper surface to achieve great flatness.
  • Stable tin bath surface, no hydrogen embrittlement, and very little dross.
  • Uniform tin thickness and great bonding with copper base.
  • Little smoke, no odor, noncorrosive, environmental-friendly, and almost no residue


  • Suitable for hot tin plating process on any size of copper wires.
  • Suitable for electronic production line where high quality is required.
  • Suitable for processes where low pollution and noncorrosive property are required.


  • In order to achieve the optimal performance of FLUX N-743, the bare copper surface must be pre-treated with AC-15 to remove grease and oxidation film.
  • Use water (D.I. water recommended) to dilute up to 20% depending on the situation onsite.


  • Wire must go through AC-15 and water baths to avoid bringing grease and contaminant into the following processes. Not doing so will increase consumption of flux and tin and will eventually degrade the quality of the products.
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