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Effectively improves cleanliness of drawing coolant and cleans lubricant tank.


Generally speaking, drawing coolant should offer good lubrication. However, when it is about to expire, objective factors often speed up its aging. The machine and the coolant tank start accumulating thick grease-copper mixture rapidly. The precipitate is so thick that it is very difficult to remove. All those can cause the drawing die to clog up and wear out more quickly, the wire to break, and degrade wire quality. Direct and indirect costs both increase dramatically. CT-58 will adjust the cleanliness of the drawing coolant accordingly to help it achieve the optimal balance in drawing operation.


  • Precipitates grease and copper debris and keeps circulating coolant at top working condition.
  • Improves cleanliness of drawing dies, reduces wire breakage, and keeps drawing operation smooth.
  • Raises wire quality.
  • Lengthens life cycle of drawing dies.
  • Compatible with various coolant and lubricant.
  • Lengthens the life cycle of the coolant based on objective conditions to achieve the cost management goal.
  • Highly soluble in water — Easy to add, easy to rinse.
  • Offers great lubrication — allows for bright product wires while slowing down wearing of drawing dies and machine parts.


  • Concentration:add 0.2% of the coolant volume and adjust accordingly.
  • For example — 10 tons of coolant will need 10 × 1000 × 0.2% = 20(Kg) of CT-58
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