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As a pre-treatment agent for metal surfaces, its effective power in degreasing and
removing the oxidation film is mostly suitable for use before various surface treatments.
In the hot-tin plating process, it is especially recommended to be used along with PhilChem
environmental-friendlyfluxes to achieve high-brightness and high-quality plating result.


  • Effectively removes residual grease from copper surface, e.g. drawing coolant or annealing oil.
  • Removes oxidation film and activates copper surface before hot-tin plating process.
  • Improves performance of flux and dramatically increases flatness and brightness of hot-tin plated surfaces.
  • Reduces pin holes on hot-tin plated surfaces if used before flux.
  • To be used as is - calls for low maintenance.


  • Solubility: 100% soluble in water.
  • Appearance(color): Below 50 APHA.
  • pH(1:3)(V/V): 0.6 ±0.30。
  • Specific gravity: 1.03 ±0.01。
  • Surface tension(1:3)(V/V): 30 ±5 dyne/cm。


  • Concentration: to be used as is.
  • Operation: In a hot-tin plating process, the part should first go into AC-15 followed by a water cleaning bath, before going into the flux. This practice keeps the flux at ultimate condition and thus promises good plating quality and increases the longevity of the flux.
  • Maintenance: Add AC-15 without dilution to maintain liquid level. Depending upon situation onsite, refresh the entire AC-15 bath and water bath periodically (e.g., weekly), for contaminant stripped from the parts may accumulate and degrade the plating quality.


  • It should be capped tightly and stored in a cool dry indoor place with good ventilation. Avoid direct sunlight.
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