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Synthetic annealing oil as additive in coolant, prevents bare copper
and tin-plated wires from tarnishing during continuous annealing.


  • Allows for bright wire surface.
  • Prevents bare copper and tin-plated wires from tarnishing.
  • Does not make wires or guiding wheels greasy.
  • Does not produce fatty soap that pollutes machines and environment.
  • Completely synthetic water-soluble — Forms stable emulsion in water; contains no mineral oil or traditional fatty soap.
  • Compatible with paint, serves as good lubricant and cleaner.


  • Concentration´╝ÜMix with water to form an emulsion following the guidelines and adjust accordingly.
    • Bare copper wire — 0.3%~0.6% by weight.
    • Tin-plated wire — 0.1%~0.3% by weight.
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